Shop Values, not Prices.

We believe that when it comes to shopping, values should come first. The money that you spend is a force of change, and the brands that you spend your money on are listening to you. That’s why we think it’s important to make consumer decisions based on values, not on how much something costs.

We believe that this choice should be yours – you should decide what’s most important to you. At Infinity Trend, all our brands are, of course, doing great things to change the fast fashion industry, and you can rest assured that we are finding the most sustainable brands that we can. Here at Infinity Trend, our aim is to give you the necessary tools and information to enable you to make a responsible decision that’s right for you.

We categorise each brand on our website using eight sustainable value badges. If the brand complies with our standards, we will grant it a badge.

As an absolute minimum, each of our brands must comply with the Ethically Made value badge.

This company makes products that have been ethically produced and/or sourced through the entire manufacturing chain, ensuring fair salaries, good working conditions and best practices.

This company is using GOTS-approved dyes (Global Organic Textile Standards). It also uses systems that help to reduce the environmental impact of its production processes.

This company has a social responsibility programme in place. Also, companies that give back to non-profit organisations or their local community are granted this badge.

This company is working with a minimum of Tier 1 Traceability. This means that we know where it makes its products.

This company manufactures locally, which helps local communities and reduces the gas emissions that are produced during transport.

This company uses materials that come from more sustainable processes. These could include organic cotton, hemp, bamboo (viscose/rayon), lyocell, linen or wool.

This company supports women. This might include providing women with educational programmes or skills training, or helping them become economically independent.

This company’s products are cruelty-free, vegan, and don’t use harmful PVCs in the manufacturing process. Moooo bueno!